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LGBTQ Postive Counselling and Gender Identity

At times folks who identify in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, two-spirited, inter sexed communities are looking for someone who can related and provide a safe space for the intersections of their identities.

Systemic forms of oppression (ex. racism, transphobia, ablism, sexism, homophobia) can impact and influence our mental health.  Experiences, such as, microagressions and violence due to our identities can contribute to experiences of anxiety, depression, body trauma reactions and other mood difficulties. They also can lead to coping techniques that are getting in the way of living the life we want to live. 

As a non binary queer white neurodiverse able bodied person with lived experiences of mental health challenges related to trauma I have some common experiences of systemic oppression and also am constantly listening, learning and reflecting how my privilege and power impact my relationships, including those in a therapeutic context. 

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