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At the heart of my practice lies a commitment to anti-oppression, where inclusivity and accessibility are paramount. To honor this commitment, I offer a sliding scale fee structure, allowing individuals to self-select prices based on various factors such as:

  • Stability of housing

  • Immigration status

  • Identity-based privileges

  • Employment status

  • Level of education

  • Financial stress and debt

  • Access to disposable income

This sliding scale is not set in stone; rather, it's an ongoing conversation we can have as life circumstances evolve. By paying towards the higher end of the scale, you enable more openings for those who may need to access the lower ranges.

Here's a breakdown of the sliding scale rates:

  • Pro-Bono: Full

  • $50: Full

  • $80: Full

  • $130: Limited availability

For those able to contribute at the full fee level $150, it's greatly appreciated. Additionally, if you're in a position to pay it forward, there's an option to contribute $180.

Thank you for joining me in fostering a space of equity and care. Your support helps ensure that everyone, regardless of circumstance, can access the support they need.

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